The best skirt for my figure this spring.

The best skirt for my figure this spring.

A-line, pencil, maxi or pleated skirt: there is a perfect skirt for every figure. Leave excuses like “a skirt doesn't suit me” far behind you, because with these tips you too can shine this spring in a skirt that fits your figure perfectly.

I have an hourglass figure

You have full breasts, a defined waist and hips that are in line with you
shoulders. Congratulations! You have the hourglass figure that many women envy
are. With an hourglass figure you are lucky that almost every model suits you ,
but if you don't have your height, it is best to go for a skirt with a high waist
choose waist . This accentuates your waist, making you look longer and slimmer!
Not a fan of high waists? Then choose a pencil skirt . This rests on your waist and comes
to just above the knee. If a short skirt is too exciting, you can also opt for a midi skirt .
or maxi skirt.

I have a pear figure

You have a slim upper body, narrow shoulders, small breasts and a slim figure
waist. However, your legs, buttocks and hips are fuller. You have a pear figure. Choose
a neutral skirt without patterns to draw attention to your upper body.
Avoid tight skirts and sticky fabrics like Lycra.
The perfect skirt for you is a midi skirt , a long skirt, a pleated skirt or an A-line
skirt. So there is still plenty of choice! Combine the skirt with a striking one
blouse to complete your look and you are ready for spring.

I have an apple figure

You have nice full breasts and broad shoulders . No obvious waist and slim legs. You accentuate
slender legs with a striking skirt. You can feel free to go for an item with a nice print or a
beautiful color in the style of an A-line skirt . You can also go for a knee-length skirt or...
for a beautiful wrap skirt. Tuck your top into the skirt and let it gather slightly . So suddenly create one
optical waist!
I have a straight figure

You have shoulders that are as wide as your hips and you don't see a clear waist . For
your figure, it is best to look for a pleated skirt, a wrap skirt or a skirt with
ruffles. All these skirts give you volume. Wear the skirt at your waist around your hips
accentuate it and experiment with short skirts to show off your legs
I look like an inverted triangle

You have beautiful full breasts , you have shoulders that are wider than your hips and you have...
a slim waist and narrow legs . Your ideal skirt is an A-line skirt that flares out, a
pleated skirt or a skirt with ruffles .
These skirts make your waist appear wider, which beautifully balances your figure. Feel free to draw attention to your beautiful slim legs by experimenting
with lengths. A short skirt will probably look great on you too!
Now that you know which skirt suits your figure perfectly, you can't wait to start shopping!
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