Miss Trésor Label

Did you know that Miss Trésor has her own label? The items on this page have been fully developed by our own team and have been given a unique Miss Trésor tag. From fashion to beauty, we have developed our own brand tailored to our vision. “Embrace your fabulousness” and “Don't be afraid to shine” are the most important messages that we are happy to convey to you through our products. Let our make-up collection and exclusive clothing give your appearance an extra boost, so that you always feel great!

The Miss Trésor make-up line is of the highest quality, not tested on animals and vegan! Amazing, right? There is simply no reason to hold back, because your beauty can be seen, with a little help from our products that will emphasize your most beautiful parts. We have lipstick, lip gloss, fantastic handmade eyelashes, eye shadow, foundation and even more.

Discover the range of Miss Trésor Label here.

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